How to Release Chickens with Iron Stone Doors to Easily Gain Advantage at Hi88

Many people believe that lacking millet farming techniques will easily lead to failure and disadvantage. Today, Hi88 will guide cockers on how to release cocks to fight with iron spurs to gain an advantage in the match. Let’s follow along to learn more about how to release!

Detailed instructions on how to release iron-door chickens to easily gain dominance

The cock taker is the person who holds the cock throughout the match. In Vietnam, the breeder is often also the owner of the fighting cock. However, at the Thomo arena, to ensure fairness, there will be a separate jockey for each animal, not the owner of the song.

These players are responsible for preparing the best fighting mentality for the cocks. Just a moment of carelessness can lead to immediate failure. Below is how to release a cock to fight with iron spurs according to the Thomo fighting arena’s standards:

Advice on choosing the most suitable cock size

Depending on height, players choose the length of the iron spurs to match cách thả gà đá cựa sắt. This helps avoid getting entangled during competition and injuring yourself. In addition, choosing spurs that are too short can reduce damage to opponents.

How to Release Chickens with Iron Stone Doors to Easily Gain Advantage at Hi88

Advice on choosing the appropriate cock size

Are there any ways to sharpen iron gates for cocks?

After a period of research and study, Hi88 has found two suitable ways to sharpen iron doors for cocks before participating in competitions.

  • Grind round doors: Use a stone or sandpaper to rub around the spurs until they are sharp and pointed. The rounder and sharper the spur, the easier it will be to puncture the opponent, causing deep damage. 
  • Sharpen the blade: Use a whetstone or use sandpaper to file the saw blade, tilt the blade to achieve optimal sharpness. When the spur is shiny and sharp, it is done.

The most standard way to release chickens through iron doors at Hi88

If you want to win the race, do the following Hii88 has been collected: 

  • Direction of view of opponent: Let the throttle turn forward, ensuring they always see their opponent. This helps the rooster maintain focus and be ready to attack when the fight begins.
  • Gently squeeze the abdomen: When the player is about to drop the millet to the ground, he should use his hand to gently squeeze the abdomen. Do not use too much force when landing to avoid affecting the first kick. This helps the cock to land gently and prepare well for the first attack.
  • Lure to increase enthusiasm: bettors should perform baiting movements to help stimulate them and make them more enthusiastic. These movements not only help increase enthusiasm but also motivate them to attack more strongly and fiercely in the match.

How to Release Chickens with Iron Stone Doors to Easily Gain Advantage at Hi88

Some ways to release chickens to fight iron gates at Hi88 

What to pay attention to when releasing chickens to fight iron doors

A number of external factors will affect the fighting psychology of the cocks, so you need to pay attention to the following:

  • Pay attention to the external environment when releasing: The cocker not only needs to properly release chickens to fight with iron spurs, but also must pay attention to external factors. 
  • Impact of light: Avoid playing in places with strong light shining into your eyes, especially when playing outdoors. Bright light can affect vision, creating conditions for opponents to attack and easily defeat.
  • Hug comfortably before fighting: Before releasing, hug the rooster in the most comfortable position to avoid making the cock lose strength. Struggling too much before a fight can cause exhaustion, so this should be limited. 
  • Test the opponent’s strength: Before fighting, the two animals often peck each other to test their strength. However, it is necessary to avoid being pecked too much, which can easily lead to injury and being taken advantage of by opponents.

How to Release Chickens with Iron Stone Doors to Easily Gain Advantage at Hi88

Some things to keep in mind when letting chickens fight with iron doors

Some tricks that smart cock handlers often use when competing

Many cunning bettors can take advantage of situations in the match to play badly, so bettors need to pay attention when letting cocks fight with iron spurs. If the cock gets stuck in your body, remove it yourself, don’t let your opponent do this because they can make the injury worse. 

When both cocks are exhausted, the handler can pull the tail of his cock to make the cock stand up straight. Many bad cock handlers also use anesthetics, rat poison or doping to keep their opponents from fighting or fighting tirelessly. 

The chicken can also use bad movements such as breaking the legs, pressing hard on the float to make the cock weak or run away. If your cock is blind, release it in a position where it can see to avoid losing.

How to Release Chickens with Iron Stone Doors to Easily Gain Advantage at Hi88

Tips to help your chickens easily win


Above is all the information related to how to release chickens to fight iron doors that Hi88 has introduced to you. Hopefully through this article, cockfighters can participate in competitions in the best way possible with their fighters.

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