Fully Funded Scholarship to Study Medicine in UK for International Students

Do you want to study medicine in the best colleges in the UK? We can help you make this dream come true without spending too much money! Join us as we learn all the important information, like who can apply, and about amazing schools like Oxford and Cambridge.

We will also talk about how much it costs and ways to get scholarships in different areas. Our expert counselors will give you great advice on how to do well in the application process and how to get the most money for your studies.

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MBBS Scholarship in UK
MBBS Scholarship in UK

How Much Does it Cost to Study an MBBS in UK?

Studying to become a doctor in the UK can be quite expensive. It can cost between a lot of money every year for 5-6 years. On top of that, students also have to pay for things like housing, food, and transportation. But there are scholarships available to help pay for everything.

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MBBS Scholarships for International Students in the UK

There are many scholarships available for Indian and international students who want to study medicine in the UK. These scholarships can help students with their expenses. They are offered by universities, government organizations, and companies. Let’s learn about some of these scholarships.

#1. Global Health Future Leaders Scholarship

The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in the UK is offering a special scholarship for international students who want to study medicine.

This scholarship is for students who are studying specific medicine programs, like Tropical Medicine & Hygiene. If you receive this scholarship, you will be able to take two medicine courses for free.

Global Health Future Leaders Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

  • You need to be from a different country than the UK.
  • You have to get a score of at least 6.5 in the IELTS test and 80 in the TOEFL test.
  • In your 10+2 exams, you need to get at least 60%.
  • You also need to have worked in the medical field for at least 1 year.

#2. King College London Scholarship

The King College scholarship is a really good option for kids who want to study medicine in the UK and need help paying for it.

It’s given to students who are studying to be doctors or work in health and they can also apply if they’re studying global health or social medicine. The scholarship is given to kids who do well in school and need financial help.

King College London Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

  • You need to be a student from another country.
  • You should have really good grades and show that you are doing well in the program.
  • Must be enrolled at the university during the June 2024 intake. 
  • You need to be studying things like Life Sciences, Medicine, Neuroscience, or Dentistry.

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Studying to become a doctor in the UK is a great choice for students from other countries. Once they finish their studies, they can choose from many different jobs in the medical field.

This article talks about different ways students can get money to help pay for their studies. If you want to learn more about studying to be a doctor in the UK and getting a scholarship, you can talk to our Yocket Counsellors for help.

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